how to set up a website

###  background: internet addressing 
not prerequisite, but it helps to know how the internet addressing works. 
###  steps 
(1) buy a domain from a registrar 
(2) find a rental web server 
(3) set up DNS server addrs for your domain 
- suppose your domain registrar company is FOO, and your web hosting company is BAR, then (3) usually involves typing in the DNS server addr given to you by BAR, in DNS setting fields in your FOO portal config. takes up to a few hours to propagate. 
- sometimes the domain hosting company also runs a web hosting service (for a fee, or possibly for free). 
- as of 2017, you can easily get a .com domain for $10/year. and there are many free web hosting services. (assuming you don't need to run a robust commercial website, etc) 
- here i assume you don't care about your ip addr, and don't have your own ip. 

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