surreptitiously; secretly, secretively, clandestinely 
a gimp; a derogatory term for disabled person, or someone who is not cool 
be miffed; be annoyed 
flogging someone with xyz; hitting someone with xyz. e.g. flogging him with apathy. 
effervescent; enthusiastic and energetic, or bubbles,foams coming out of something. e.g. effervescent young kid, or an effervescent bath soap 
a dalliance; a casual/brief involvement with (indulgence in) something. e.g. reading murakami was my dalliance with jpn literature 
famished; super hungry, starving, peckish 
peckish; hungry. e.g. feeling a little peckish 
be beyond reproach; be wihout mistake, be perfect. e.g. we must be beyong reproach 
a decree; a legal order, mandate, proclamation 
a consent decree; an agreement or settlement that resolves a dispute between two parties without admission of guilt or liability 
putrid; rotten, rancid, repulsive, repugnant. e.g. kissing in public is considered a putrid display in jpn 
asunder; apart, or into pieces. e.g. he kept his legs asunder. the status was torn asunder. 
reticent; reserved, quiet, shy. e.g. he is reticent about his family 
no frills; no unessential. no fancy unnecessary. i.e. only what is essential and necessary e.g. no frill service 
simper; smirk, ingratiating giggle, suppressed titter 
malleable; susceptible, controllable, amenable 
a stooge; a minion, a subordinate, an underling, an assistant. e.g. he is just a stooge, he couldn't orchestrate this heist. 
ephemeral; temporary. everything in life is ephemeral. 
refuse room; trash room 
fastidious; meticulous, attentive to details 
reverential; respectful 
unconscionable; unethical 
patriarchy; a system of society or government in which the father or eldest male is head of the family and descent is traced through the male line. 
foliage; leaves. e.g. i wanna see foliage turn. 
poised to do; ready to do. e.g. he was poised to take over the CEO position until the scandal happened. 
demure; modest, shy, humble, reserved 
tout; attempt to sell something aggressively, in a soliciting pestering way 
alimony; court ordered payment to ex spouse after separation, like child support 
flaunt it; show off, e.g. if you got it flaunt it 
levy; impose, incur, collect, exact. e.g. gov levied additional tax 
remuneration; salary, payment, money paid for a service 
dairy free; milk free, for lactose intolerant people 
insurrection; a violent uprising against authority 
pounce; sudden jump, dash, to catch prey. e.g. a cat pounced to catch a mouse 
prance; likely step, e.g. a horse pranced on a field 
staggering; shocking, amazing. e.g. a man of staggering intellect 
woke; attentive and aware of social issues. e.g. john oliver is a woke show. 
gentrification; urbanization process of renovating a deteriorated neighborhood in a city by rebuiding buildings, infrastructure, bringing in more afluent residents, etc. a very controversial political topic. 
osteoporosis; bone weakens with aging 
fettle; condition. e.g. how are you. fine fettle. the aircraft remains in fine fettle. 
triage; a triage situation. e.g. when you allocate limited medical staff and resource to maximize the suvivors. often used in situations when you cannot save everybody. 
quasi something; seemingly apparently something, quasi boyfriend 
divide in half; cut in half, divide by two. it is incorrect to say divide by half, because that means you multiply by two. 
raunchy; vulgar, dirty, earthy, often in a sexually explicit way. e.g. a raunchy movie 
chancy; risky, unreliable, uncertain, unpredictable, precarious. e.g. sanitary condition of their restaurant bathroom is chancy. 
nonchalant; relaxed, composed, chill 
auspicious; in your favor 
sublime; splendid, superb, inspirational 
none the wiser; know no more than before. not aware. e.g. we borrowed his car and returned it before he came back, so he is none the wiser. 
lactose intolerant; milk allergy, cannot digest sugar in milk, get stomach sick. 
have or set someone back on his her heels; surprise or concern someone. e.g. he had me back on my heels. 
by the skin of one's teeth; narrowly barely, e.g. i escaped by the skin of my teeth. 
astray; away from the correct path or direction, morally or literally. e.g. did i ever lead you astray ? 
rubber band: wagomu, elastic string, band 
rue; bitterly regret 
nipping at the heel of someone; annoying someone 
debilitating; weakening, exhausting, opposite of energizing. e.g. debilitating anxiety, debilitating headache 
a rif; a layoff, rif is an acronym for reduction in forces 
hubris; excessive self confidence and pride 
asinine; stupid, foolish 
insulate someone from something; protect someone from the effect of something 
innocuous; harmless 
intractable; uncontrollable, unmanageable, difficult 
a contrarian; someone who bets against the market trend. e.g. it is a contrarian short 
quid pro quo; exchange, tradeoff, e.g. the money was a quid pro quo for releasing hostanges 
wreak havoc; caused a mess. wreak means cause,inflict, and pronounced reek, havoc means destruction. not to be confused with wreck, which means destruct,sink, and pronounced reck 
elide; omit 
stem the tide; to stop the flow of something. e.g. this medicine may stem the tide of epidemic crisis in the region 
eschew; deliberately avoid 
embargo; an official ban on trade with a particular country. e.g. we shouldve expected the attach after the oil embargo. 
contrivance; noun of contrive, a trap, a device 
myopic; nearsighted, narrow minded. e.g. goverment is myopic toward health care issue 
encumber; restrict, limit 
bleak; cold, bitter, raw, cold, charmless 
disembowel; cut open and remove the internal organs of, decimate. 
hyperthermia; overheated body temperature condition 
eviscerate; demean, bash, slash, attack 
a pandemonium; a predicamenta chaos, a turmoil, a commotion, a rumpus 
a fluke; a lucky coincidence. e.g. his investment success was a fluke. 
patronage; sponsorship, backing, funding, assitance, support, faoritism, nepotism 
mutiny; revolt, rebellion, disobedience 
snafu; muddle, mess, chaos 
promulgate; spread, propagate, promote, publicize, disseminate 
discourse; discussion, conversation, dialogue, debate 
recourse; a source of help in a difficult situation, e.g. surgery may be the only recourse 
number two; a euphemism for toilet business 
tarp; big blue sheet 
impunity; immunity, indemnity, exemption, freedom from liability 
impugn; deny, challenge, doubt, question, censure. e.g. impugn his motives 
chastity; abstinence, self restraint 
perjure; lie under oath 
emblematic; symbolic, representative, indicative 
brandish; wave, wield, shake maybe a weapon as a gesture of threat 
conciliatory; placatory, appeasing, peacemaking, mollifying, pacifying, e.g. a conciliatory gesture 
a moat; water surrounding a castle for defense purpose 
parsimonious; cheap, penny-pinching, not willing to pay money, stingy, frugal 
decree; order, mandate 
seep; leak, dlow, drip 
semblance; any apparent display,form,appearace of something. e.g. do they have any semblance of guilt? 
cop out; chicken out, e.g. he copped out at the last minute. 
latent; hidden, untapped, unrealized, concealed 
down to the wire; informal expression to denote a situation whose outcome is not decided until the very last minute. e.g. i didnt expect this to come down to the wire. 
a flack; publicity, attention 
biblical; relating to bible, or rainfall of biblical proportion means huge rain 
reprehensible; repugnant, egregious 
rebuke; repudiate, reproach, admonish, renounce 
gratuitous; uncalled for, unprovoked, undue, unjustified, like gratuitous violence 
underwater basket weaving; meaningless subject in school, like i couldnt get into the class i wanted so i ended up in intro to underwater basket weaving 
a misnomer; a bad and confusing naming 
a faction; a small group, e.g. a faction of conservatives at the white house 
untenable; indefensible, inflimsy, unjustifiable, usually used to describe somebodys political statement or position 
a contour; a shape, an outline 
a leap of faith; believing in something that is not proved,guaranteed. e.g. taking a leap of faith. 
glean; extract, derive, garner, collect, deduce 
preponderance; prevalence, predominance, dominance, e,g, preponderance of evidence for global warming 
stroller; wheelchair but usually foldable like baby cart 
crumple; crumpled bill/money, creased and wrinkled bill/money 
scarce;sparse, thinly unevenly distributed, insufficient, shortage of 
pithy, terse, compact, brief. concise, e.g. good luck is a pithy way to end a conversation 
retribution; revenge, retaliation 
allegorical; symbolic, metaphorical, figurative, representative. e.g. allegorical painting 
a novella; a poem, or a narrative prose, of fictional story 
redact; edited for publication. e.g. that word was redacted before publication. 
a farce; a travesty, an absurdity 
usher in; lead, signal the beginning of, e.g. the advent of the internet ushered in new methods for HCI 
trailblaze; pineer. a trailblazer means a pioneer 
seminal; important, influential. e.g. a seminal paper on compiler came out in 1980s 
a fad; craze, a trend. e.g. machine learning is a fad these days 
sleaze; immoral, corrupt, sordid 
posterity; for posterity, for future generation 
lowdown; 1. unfair 2. the lowdown is inside news, information 
a prerogative; an entitlement, a privilege, a right 
a perforation; a small hole made by piercing. usually you hear this word in one of the two contexts, somebody got injured accidentally, or some physical paper based document comes with a line of small holes so you can rip it off, like stamps, etc. e.g. an instruction might read as fold, crease and tear along perforation. 
banister; handrail, like you see with stairs 
a hyperbole; an exaggerated statement, a rhetoric, magnification 
an aficionado; an enthusiast 
my neck of the woods; my neighborhood 
a connoisseur; an expert 
petulant; peevish, bad-tempered, grumpy, touchy, disgruntled, sulky, resentful 
pout; push ones lip, especially bottom lip, forward or upward to express petulant annnoyance, or to seduce. 
ruffle feathers; annoy irritate someone 
in absentia; while being absent 
defecate; number two toilet business, p o o 
gradationl; scale, range, varying degree, spectrum. e.g. among pro baseball players, there is a gradation of batting ability 
pejorative; negative, disparaging, derogatory, denigratory, deprecatory, defamatory, slanderous, libelous, abusive, insulting, slighting, bitchy 
weigh in on a situation; offer an opinion on a situation 
fawning; displaying exaggerated flattery or affection, obsequious 
go out on a limb; venture (to offer a candid opinion or try something) 
a clout; a blow, an impact. e.g. interface can have a social political clout in peoples behavior 
a trough; pronounced truf, opposite to a peak 
mosey on; move walk in a leisurely manner 
convalesce; recuperate, recover 
recuperate; recover, convalesce 
a conjecture; a speculation 
transgression; aggression, offense 
severance; the act of ending a relationship, dismissal or termination of employment 
rendition; 1. interpretation/performance/adaptation, 2. transport a criminal to a less regulated country for interrogation/torture 
destitute; penniless, poor 
strenuous; demanding, exhausting 
a kludge; a hacky work around 
a fluster; a fuss 
a holy grail; a grail is a cup used by jesus in the last supper. it signifies something special, a sought-after object. 
emasculate; weaken 
a virtuosity; a great skill 
obfuscate; render obscure, muddle, complicate, confuse 
a jamboree; a big party/celebration 
centrist; modest 
a travesty; an absurdity 
a stent; a supportive structure to keep a tube in shape 
a tenet; a principle, a dogma, a doctrine 
eminent domain; gov condemns someone, then comandeers his,her real estate 
ancillary; additional 
exonerate; discharge, acquit, absolve, liberate, free, release, absolve 
go out on a limn; boldly state, take a dangerous,volnerable position 
get into the weeds; get into the details 
blithely; careless, merry in disposition 
conducive; good for, helpful for, useful for, e.g. conducive for learning 
prance; move, sprint 
prattle on; babble on and on, talk in length about boring things 
conjectural; speculative 
in tandem; together 
bland; dull, boring tedious, insipid, uninteresting 
blunt; brutally honest, uncompromisingly candid 
a twit; an idiot 
nefarious; criminal wicked 
for posterity; for the sake of the future 
quadrennial; ocurring every four years 
abraised; bruised from rubbing/friction 
eardrum: komaku 
grand jury and trial jury; trial jury (normally consisting of 12 citizens as jurors) decides if a defendant is guilty or innocent. grand jury (usually consisting of more, like 23) decides if the criminal case should goto a trial but the final decision is made by prosecutor. so grand jury is just giving an opinion. the term grand is used because it has a greater number of jurors than trial jury. 
moot; debatable, contentious 
gospel truth; absolute truth 
occlude; obstruct 
subsidize; support financially 
trounce; defeat heavily in a competition, vanquish gather, collect, extract 
thrash; beat repeatedly, oscillate (like waves or bells) 
a substrate; an underlying layer, base, building 
apex; the point/vertex furthest from the base of an object/shape 
a trapezoid; a 4-sided flat shape with straight sides that has a pair of opposite sides parallel. daikei. 
confer; discuss, award/give 
idempotence; the property of certain operation that can be applied multiple times without impacting the result beyond the initial application. e.g. credit card transaction. if TCP retransmits, you don't want it to place an order twice. 
preponderance; abundance, predominance, prevalence 
huddle; come close together in a group 
subsume; to have as part of a whole. an example that is not subsumed by our current model requires either generalization or specialization of the concept. 
talon; a talon = a sharp claw (eagle, hawk, etc) 
glean; obtain, gather (info) 
time series; a sequence of data points, measured typically at successive points in time spaced at uniform time intervals 
canonical; unique, standard, typical 
stymie; prevent or hinder the progress of 
ad infinitum; without an end/limit 
egress; depart 
tacit; understood or implied without being stated. we do this tacitly = implicitly. 
unwieldy; difficult, disorganized 
salient; most noticable or important. e.g. his lecture covered all the salient points of the subject. 
a foray; an attack, raid, incursion, assault 
sacrosanct; sacred, too important to set aside 
salacious; indecent, obscene, crude, vulgar, scandalizing, lecherous, lustful 
punt to someone; pass to someone 
a respite; a recess 
someone is put on notice; someone is given a verbal warning 
fanout; max number of inputs to an output gate 
hindsight; understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed. 
collude; conspire 
sanction; authorize, punish. e.g. the gov sanctioned the rally. e.g. impose the panalty to sanction crime. 
sacriledge; violation of something sacred 
sanctity; sacred-ness 
a panacea; a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases. 
aqcuiesce to a request; accept a req with reluctance without protest. submit tacitly. 
impasse; a deadlock situation where no progress is possible. 
incarcerate; imprison 
a penitentiary; a prison for ppl convicted of heinous crimes 
judicious; prudent, wise, sensible 
tenuous; thin, flimsy 
acclimate to; adjust to 
ironclad; invincible, unwavering 
a cinch; an easy thing, a sure thing. 
clemency; leniency, compassion 
sobriety; being sober. opposite of inebriety. 
slander; defame, detract, smear, disdain 
presumptuous; over confident, arrogant, bold, immodest 
a moocher; someone who takes things but doesnt reciprocate 
tough as nails; very tough 
testament; proof, will 
noob; newbie, beginner 
snazzy; cool, awesome 
slushy; partly melted or watery snow 
plow; shovel 
animosity, tension, friction, hostility 
ostentatious; showing-off extravagance. noun. ostentationc 
canine; of dog species. e.g. canine tooth 
inundate; flood. e.g. we are inundated with complaints/requests. 
opportunist;selfish, he who takes advantage of any opportunity to achieve an end, often with no regard for principles or consequences. 
lurch; sway abruptly. e.g. left in the lurch = in a vulnerable and unsupported position 
willy nilly; regardless of whether desired or not, in a way that does not allow any choices or planning, without consideration 
veracity; truthfulness. e.g. the veracity of his statement. 
perennial; everlasting, perpetual, constant 
an interloper; a person who interferes or meddles in the affairs of others, pretentious 
frazzle; exhaust. e.g. im frazzled. 
indignant; irritated, agitated 
unscrupulous; dishonest, exploitable 
aspirate; articulate 
inertia;lack of movement or activity especially when movement or activity is wanted or needed. e.g. After 10 years in an unsatisfying job she overcame her inertia and went back to school. 
unequivocal;unambiguous, incontrovertible, indisputable, undeniable 
lethargic; inactive, weak, feeble, unenergetic 
tradecraft; the techniques and procedures of clandestine/covert operations such as espionage/spying 
cajole; tempt with sweet words. e.g. cajole someone into consenting. 
pacifist; opposed to war 
my two cents; my humble opinion. e.g. to put my two cents worth, blah blah 
heedless; thoughtless, careless, impetuous 
ineffable; too good/bad to be espressed in words. e.g. ineffable disgust/joy. 
rift; separation, divide 
sacrosanct; sacred, holy 
a slight; an insult 
collate; examine, compare carefully in order to verify, and often to integrate or arrange in order. we will collate the data. 
desire attained is not in fact desire; a pedantic expression 
worse comes to worst; if the worst thing that can happen does happen 
decorum; appropriate manner/conduct. dignity. act in proper decorum. he has no sense of decorum. 
conniving; cunning, shrewdly consipiring, scheming, calculating, plotting 
afoot; in progress, ongoing. e.g. a plot is afoot. 
injunction; legal declaration to prevent something. 
coagulate; to gather together or form into a coherent thick more-solid  mass. eggs coagulate when heated. 
countenance; 1. the appearance of a person's face, a person's expression, demeanor  2. tolerate 
deject; demoralise, depress, disappoint. his dejected countenance. 
inept; incompetent, useless. an inept remark. noun - ineptitude 
an ulterior motive; a hidden motive. 
transvestite; gender-reversed. someone who dresses in the opposite gender attire. 
a mirage; an optical illusion of water on the horizon. that proposed solution turned out to be a mirage. 
pyrrhic victory; a pyrrhic victory is a victory with such a devastating cost that it is tantamount to defeat. Someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has been victorious in some way; however, the heavy toll negates any sense of achievement or profit. 
pay the piper; face the consequence. pied piper = someone who makes irresponsible promises. 
push the envelope; challenge the tradition. 
insinuate; imply 
invigilate; proctor 
expedite something; prioritize something 
refurbish something; refine/re-polish something 
peripheral; surrounding. non-core things. e.g. peripheral vision. 
carpal tunnel syndrome; repetitive strain injury. tennis elbow. 
spurn something; reject something disdainfully. e.g. the elderly couple spurned all offers of financial help. 
crux; an essential point requiring resolution or resolving an outcome. e.g. the crux of the problem is that the school's current budget is totally inadequate. 
accrue; accumulate, increase. e.g. I'll get back all the money I invested, plus any interest and dividends that have accrued. 
malarkey; baloney, foolish non-sensical talk/belief. 
a prevaricator; a liar, exaggerator, pretender, fraud. 
equivocate; speak intentionally elusive and unclear. 
ruse; ploy, plot, hoax, sham 
red herring; something unimportant that is used to stop people from noticing or thinking about something important. herring=smoke fish which is often used as a bait in hunting. 
purloin; steal, to commit theft. 
pious; (1) deeply religious, devoted (2) falsely appearing to be good or moral, hypocritical, pretentious 
a charlatan; a con man. aka swindler or mountebank. a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception. 
err on the side of something; something = caution, safety, display more rather than less of (a specified quality) in one's actions. 

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