Technical notes on perl, python, php, sql, cgi, c/c++, q/kdb+, unix/shell, revision control tools, data structures & algorithms, and their applications into web services and other various forms of software engineering.


I used to do research on UHF-band RFID (EPCclass1gen2) and WSN (ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4).
now just an expendable soldier on wall street.

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done with gatech, now want to dive deeper into q/kdb+ and also read up on icml/nips papers

Aug-Dec. 2014: Computer Networks and KBAI
Jan-May. 2015: Complexity and Algorithm
Jun-Jul. 2015: Series 7
Aug-Dec. 2015: Series 55 and Intro to OS
Jan-May. 2016: Computational Photography
Aug-Dec. 2016: Machine Learning for Trading
Jan-May. 2017: Data Visualization and Analysis
May-Aug. 2017: Human Computer Interaction
Aug-Dec. 2017: Machine Learning
Jan-May. 2018: Reinforcement Learning
May-current: q/kdb+ notes

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